My New Hat

Performed during Gerrit Rietveld graduation show, 2019

Photo’s: © Gert-Jan van Rooij

Anyways, I’m doing splendid, with my new hat! 

It’s ten feet tall, hand made...

You know, I’ve always been fascinated by that word, ‘hat’. I mean, it’s so close to the word ‘head’.

Can that be a coincidence? 

What do you think?

The Princess

The Princess has lost her fairy tale!

She has accidentally fallen in between the words.

Beyond the words, in a space without meaning, without rules, and of boundless fantasy, a space of true poetry - she discovers what beauty is really like.

The Princess, performed during Rietveld UNCUT exhibition ’take a walk on the wild side’ in Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, 2019.

Photo’s: © Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam // Maarten Nauw


A blending in with the environment through camouflage by incorporating a houseplant.

Performed during Inhuman Carnaval, with Mediamatic, during Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven, 2021

Photo’s: Caroline Aravicius

Interview with a houseplant


An experimental performance recorded and streamed during lockdown 2020.

The Princess

First apparition of the Princess, performed in 2018.

The viewers are sent out with a poem into a field of thistles to find the Princess. When they find her she would look up from her mirror and end the performance. The magic is broken… but is it really?

Backstage. The PRINCESS is getting ready for the show.

But her makeup is taking forever!

She dreams a long time, until all is forgotten.

Blindness in perseverance.

The apple in the sand, or the sand in the apple

A play by P. Laywright, about the desire and hardship of the writing of a play.

Performed as a sound piece, in a particular place, with scripts and wine for the audience. The performer remains off stage for the entire performance.

It premiered in february 2018 in London, in the Morgue at Chelsea College.

Written and performed by Jesse Asselman, possibility to download.pdf

Decor where the performance will take place
Decor where the performance will take place
An empty stage
An empty stage
Performing Off stage
Performing Off stage
The actor performing off-stage
The actor performing off-stage
The audience can drink wine and read with the script
The audience can drink wine and read with the script
The play takes place in the minds of the spectators
The play takes place in the minds of the spectators

A Piece of Night Sky

A performance where I bring in a piece of night sky. About transforming the sky at night into something tangible and making it into an object of contemplation.

A play with light, impenetrability, darkness and movement accompanied by sounds of the night.

Performed at Torpedo Theater, Amsterdam, in 2017.